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Developing the Well-Roundedness of Your Little Ones

Letting Kids Grow, Explore, and Discover

At Adventure Preschool in Stamford, Connecticut, your children will have an adventure while learning. I teach them about alphabets, numbers, shapes, colors, seasons, days of the week, and many more subjects. 

Different activities such as hands on projects and art classes are conducted. 

I give a report each month so that you can keep up to date with your children’s progress. 

Your children may now enjoy indoor play on those rainy, snowy, or freezing days! The gym has a variety of blocks. Playing with blocks is beneficial in so many ways. Children develop social skills, math skills and even geometry. They interact to build different fun structures. 

New Technology Class

Children have technology class for 30 minutes twice a week. Our new computers help children learn in a fun and engaging way. Each computer has a variety of educational games to choose from.

Our science/sensory table is full of hands on materials like tweezers, rulers, microscope, magnifying glass, scales and more for children to explore and investigate. Our little scientists learn to communicate and write down their thoughts and ideas in their science journal.

Spanish Class

Our fun Spanish class helps children learn thru a variety of crafts, games, music and movements. Children who learn a second language at an early age help achieve a better pronunciation and fluency in life.

Hot Meals

Every day children enjoy nutritious hot meals. Breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and evening snack are provided.


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